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Rotational molding COmpanies & Services

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Granger Plastics Company Rotational Molding

Jim Cravens, President
1600 M.A.D.E. Industrial Dr.
Middletown, OH 45044 USA

Rotational Molding Services

The process of Rotational Molding is a very unique process. Heat is used to melt and fuse plastic resin in a closed mold. Unlike most other plastic processes, no pressure is involved. The four-stage process includes loading the resin in the mold, heating and fusing the resin, and finally, cooling and unloading the mold. After the charged mold is moved into an oven, the mold is rotated simply upon a rotating two axes arm at a low speed. As heat penetrates the mold, the resin adheres to the mold's inner surface until it is completely fused. The mold is then cooled by air or water spray or a combination of both, while still rotating, thus lowering the temperature in a gradual manner. The mold is opened, finished part removed and the mold is recharged for the next cycle. A variety of materials are available. The most widely used is polyethylene. Other potential materials include plastisols, nylon, fluoropolymers, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polyurethane, elastomers, etc. With the Rotational Molding process, parts can be molded economically in a variety of shapes and sizes, many of them would be impossible to produce by any other process.

Granger Plastics specializes in the large and difficult to mold products and components, Granger Plastics keeps itself ahead of the rest, by constantly pursuing better innovations. By continuing to consistently find new developments within the potential of Rotational Molding, Granger Plastics plays an integral role in many companies new products or process developments. Producing parts of extreme strength and durability, Rotational Molding, lends itself to produce some of the wildest conceived products ever! Products such as In Ground Safety Shelter, that have polymer body life spans that will exceed 300 years! These kinds of factors show how Granger Plastics continues to innovate amongst other Rotational Molders.

Rotational Molding.TV is an internet resource for education about the Rotational Molding process. Here we will explore the applications, advantages and methods of manufacturing products that are Rotationally Molded. Rotational Molding is a developing process that continues to defy perceived limitations. Here we will explore and document these advancements to nurture the growth of this industry.

Reasons for Rotational Molding


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